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Welcome to Conklyn & Associates

We are a law firm dedicated to helping individuals with issues regarding all aspects of family law. We concentrate on the areas of divorce, separation, custody, child support and adoption. We also prepare Special Needs Trusts and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders which transfer retirement monies in connection with divorce.

Why Conklyn & Associates?

All of the attorneys at Conklyn & Associates bring years of experience and care to each of their cases.

Elizabeth A. Conklyn, Esq. has been practicing family law in Frederick for over ten years. In addition to her experience as a lawyer, she has a Masters in Social Work and has experience in the field of mental health.

Lisa S. Trail, Esq. has experience in both domestic law and criminal law, having been an Assistant State's Attorney for Frederick County, Maryland.

Laura N. Venezia, Esq.  prepares documents relating to property and retirement transfers in connection with divorce and separation.  In addition, she has been mediating child custody and divorce cases for eight years.

Contact Us

Please call (301) 620-1190 to make an initial appointment.

We accept:  MasterCard and Visa.

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